Hazzard Missionary Baptist Church

Hazzard was founded by the late Rev. T, C. Cummings in 1930, and.gifted with a small body of members; who possessed a dream, a desire and determination to share God’s Word.   Rev. Cumming performed the services until 1935, followed by   various Pastors until 1952 when Rev. L.. Ross became the next Pastor.

The next 51 years Rev L. E. Ross devoted his life to making Hazzard a great church, working diligently side by side with the Deacons and the members to achieve a church filled with love for one another.  Thanks to Rev. Ross the present-day church structure we occupy now was built in 1966 and doors were open for service  DEBT FREE.  Rev L. E. Ross retired in December 2003 and passed in November 2013.

Hazzard was not without leadership long as Rev  Robert Harmon, Sr. provided the leadership of Hazzard from October 2004 through 2011.  During his time of Pastoring he modernized the church, cleared land and went from well water to city water, and many more awesome things.  In 2009 sadly, Rev Harmon took ill during a worship service and Evangelist Linda Nesbitt (which was and still is one of the associate ministers of Hazzard Baptist) steps up to the plate to help run the church with the deacons for two good years.  

November 19th 2011, Rev Allen C. Walker Sr. was called to become Hazzard’s new Pastor after about two years of visiting and assisting.  Pastor Walker, the Deacons, and Hazzard s members have been blessed with guidance, growth and strength.  Keeping up with the 21 century has been the focus of the congregation with changes such as restoring  the Cemetery in the back of the church, starting a Van ministry, New Member Class, Pastor Support Ministry, Decoration Ministry and Praise Team.  Renovating the church to allow a sitting room for children with their parents.  Pastor Walker is also credited for providing Hazzard with its first Trustee.

After 87 years Hazzard is stronger than it has ever been, growing, striving and trusting in the Lord to provide a great spiritual blessing to all members and visitors. With the help of the Lord, Hazzard will continue to strive to be one of the best, if not the best church in Macon. With the leadership of our Pastor we know that we will have many more years to honor our Lord and Saviour. We will continue to search for the spiritual growth that we need with the the help of the Lord and under the leadership of Pastor Walker and the vision that the Lord has given him